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General Genealogy Research Sites

(Not every site that's out there, but these are the ones I've found the most helpful.)

Genealogy Portal


Genealogy Exchange


Cyndi's List


Kindred Konnections

Family Search--LDS Site


Country-Specific Genealogy Sites

(Some helpful sites that I have used based on my nationalities.)

Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association

Irish Abroad

Irish Ancestry Research Association

Local Ireland

History of Gottschee

O'Lochlainn's Journal of Irish Families

The Island Register (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Prince Edward Island Surname List

Alan Beagan's Genealogy Notes

Genealogy Clip Art Sites

(I wouldn't have been able to create this website without these wonderful links!)

Addicted to Genealogy

Barbara's Bordered Backgrounds

Debbie's Genealogy Graphics

der Hund Haus Graphics

Designs of Wonder Coat of Arms


Glee Graphics (Index Page)

Friends & Family Websites

(See what the rest of my friends and family are doing...)

Dawson Family History Project

A Dawson Family Website

A Kump Family Website

An Erker Family Website

Robert Andersen's Long Island Rail Road History Page

Robert William Casado's Baby Page--Coming Soon!

Holly Leers Droese--Gottschee Website

Steve Masi's Graphic Design Page


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